And the winner is…. Zeynep Sönmez

In Computer Graphics community, one of the most “maybe THE most” reference 3D model is the Utah teapot, a.k.a. “Newell teapot” . This object is so special for our community which makes it even an in-joke.

However, in Turkish culture, we have another unique item which is our precious indispensable and everyday fellow: Turkish coffeepot that is used to cook special Turkish coffee.

Turkish Coffeepot and Utah Teapot, just like our Hacivat and Karagoz.

This is why our committee brings these two special objects together in a competition this year.


General Rules

1) You must model a 3D coffeepot (depending on your composition you can have more than one in the scene), add textures and come up with a creative 3D rendering.

2) Your entry must be a 3D rendered image. Model should be made in 3D. Works with photographic background will not be accepted.

3) The work must not be published anywhere before, neither online nor offline. It must be an original artwork created by you specifically for the challenge.

4) You can submit only one work. You cannot use any existing projects, stock models or concepts made by other artists.

5) Besides quality and idea of the work is also important. Make sure everything supports your message; composition, lighting, colors etc.

6) You need to think about the story behind the image. Please also submit that short story.

7) Please add the name of the quest and link of the conference to a suitable corner.

8) Please attach one wireframe or clay render at your choice to your work. We will place it below your work.

9) After your work is published on the conference page, you are free to share your work on other websites and social networks.

10) You must submit your work (or the download link of it) via email to the Eurasiagraphics 2020 Art & Design co-chair Dr. Güven Çatak until 25.11.2020 (

11) Coffeepot Render Quest has a 1st winner prize and selected works will be published in Muğla Journal of Science and Technology.

Render Details

1) The render should be at least 1500 pixels wide if the work is horizontal.

2) Render should be submitted in .jpg format.

3) You can work in any style you like (low-poly, cartoon, futuristic, etc) during postproduction.

4) Renders with solid backgrounds (black, white, test renders, etc.) and models laid on wallpapers/photos will be eliminated.

5) Works including violent, political, sexual, and discriminative contents will also be eliminated.