Proceedings of EURASIAGRAPHICS’2020

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  • pdf: History of EurasiaGraphics by Hasmet Gurcay & Veysi Isler.
  • pdf: EurasiaGraphics 2020 by Ergun Akleman & Hasmet Gurcay.
Full Papers
  • pdf: Directing User’s Attention by Controlling Illumination in 3D Scenes by Semihanur Aktay, Abdullah Bulbul.
  • pdf: Psychometric Evaluation of I-group Presence Questionnaire Applied in English by Mehmet Ilker Berkman, Guven Çatak.
  • pdf: Improving the Use of Reflectance Transformation Imaging for Material Culture by Tuna Çapar, Bernhard Eberhardt , Hasmet Gürçay.
  • pdf: A Barycentric Shading Process to Create Dynamic Paintings in Contemporary Fauvist-Expressionist Style with Reflections by Jack Clifford, Ergun Akleman.
  • pdf: Searching for Similarities with Physical Features in Motion Capture Databases by Hacer Ilhan, Tolga Çapin, Hasmet Gürçay.
  • pdf: A Quick Labeling Method for Accurate 3D Road Modelling from Satellite Images by Samet Cengiz Ozcan, Abdullah Bulbul.
Short Papers
  • pdf: An Interactive Health Game Using Machine Learning: A Prototype by Esra Ay, Burak Eken, Tugba Onal-Suzek.
  • pdf: An Interactive Virtual Fire-Fighting Environment with Real Equipment for Training Security Personnel by Ulas Gulec, Ertugrul Erdogan, Veysi Isler
  • pdf: Generating Natural Avoidance Motions with Deep Reinforcement Learning by Ismail Abdullah Ozogur, Zumra Kavafoglu.
  • pdf: GSTSN:Cross-View Gait Recognition Using Gaitset-Based Temporal-Spatial Network by Tao Peng, Jixian Lv, Junping Liu, Xinrong Hu, Changnian Chen, Zhicheng Hu, Zhonghua Wu, and Xiao Qin
  • pdf: Towards Realistic Illumination for Outdoor Augmented Reality Environments by Fatma Oyku Yildirim, Abdullah Bulbul
Poster Extended Abstracts
  • pdf: Geo-Location Based Mobile Augmented Reality Application by Süleyman Kaan Çakmak, Gizem Kayar
  • pdf: Procedural Fountain Modeling by Meryem Kurt, Abdullah Bulbul